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Fans of "Quite Interesting"
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6th-Nov-2011 10:43 pm - Episode Discussion: S09E09 "Illness"
Welcome, all my winners (except you, MICHAEL), to this week's Episode Discussion Thread!

Series I, Episode 9 "Illness"

Put down your granddad's antimony pill and let's get to discussing!

My random thoughts:

- This series' theme of the Distinguished Expert Panelist continues with Ben Goldacre. Certainly pleasant enough, unfortunately he falls more on the Rory McGrath side of the Fry Standardized Knowledge/Comedy scale (of which I daresay our beloved Qimaster is perfectly and utterly centered), but the welcome presence of Andy Hamilton and Jo Brand serve to drag the show back towards random hilarity. Still, when Stephen has to ask serious questions of his panelists more than once in an episode, something seems off-kilter. QI isn't an interview show, after all.

- Although aired in the XL version only, there's a zing from Ben Goldacre on QI's use of uncited research in their questions. Can I hear Rich Hall, far off, shouting something about a moon?

- Jo's blasted random celebrities before, but I don't know enough about Michael Winner to gauge the source of her ire. Is he particularly annoying?

- Now you can ask what George V of the United Kingdom had in common with John Belushi. Apart from the propensity for wearing a samurai outfit and making sandwiches, that is.

- As a non-episode aside, how many of you would like, upon the ending of this current series, revisiting some deathless and classic episodes in our weekly discussion thread?

- And remember: avoid fatty and spicy foods!
Welcome, my really ugly babies, to this week's Episode Discussion Thread!

Series I, Episode 8 "Inequality"

Hopefully you all dragged yourself away from this week's showing of Lick the Leper to enjoy our arse-over-tip pre-scored episode!

My random thoughts:

- I did enjoy Henning Wehn's debut on the panel, although he did not engage terribly much. I spent most of the episode trying to figure out his accent. Is it just my flattened American voice recognition or does he sound English at times through his natural German tones?

- Alan aspired to be a mime. Makers of animated Alan icons know intimately well his fondness for mimed actions, especially his "happy puppy."

- With Wehn, Anderson and Toksvig, our panel this week was very inclined toward the calmer, more stoic wit, with only Alan to provide moments of demented brilliance.

- Stephen mentions his school beatings again, and reuses a funny gag from A Bit of Fry and Laurie, shown in the episode portrait above, but I personally find it awfully hard to reconcile the hellion he apparently was in his youth with the sedate, bashful and mannered Fry we all know so well.

- Even though it's pretty un-PC, I thought Wehn's rant about overly-proud-of-the-war British was funny, almost like a German take on a classic David Mitchell blast.

XL Update:

- Stephen tells the anecdote of the frugal government minister who apparently keeps a single bee for honey, again. I wonder if the producers know we often these days get these repeated stories, simply because years go by and the performers forgot they told them in this context. The earliest repeats were Rich Hall's story of the inventor of the Phillips-head screw, and the unsavory tale of the anatomy professor and his inattentive class, which Alan told Stephen early on, and then some series later Stephen used as one of his closing bits. The producers might recognize the duplicates and thus put them in the XL portions, but surely there was something we hadn't heard before that might have been better to include.

Discuss away!
24th-Oct-2011 07:47 pm - Lone Panelist Discussion Thread
So, now that we've all thought of our best panels, how about another burning question...

Which single-time panelist would you love to see again?

Single timers include Kit Hesketh-Harvey, Jackie Clune, Richard E. Grant, Hugh Laurie, Julia Morris, Peter Serafinowicz, Meera Syal, Barry Cryer, Mark Gatiss, Josie Lawrence, Anneka Rice, Alexander Armstrong, Helen Atkinson-Wood, Rory Bremner, Julian Clary, Graeme Garden, Jessica Hynes, Roger McGough, Neil Mullarkey, Andy Parsons, Jonathan Ross, Johnny Vaughan, Pam Ayres, Marcus Brigstocke, Reginald D. Hunter, Dom Joly, Ben Miller, John Sergeant, Emma Thompson, Terry Wogan, John Hodgman, Jan Ravens, David Tennant, Clare Balding, John Lloyd, Daniel Radcliffe, Ruby Wax, Robert Webb, John Bishop, Frank Skinner, Sarah Millican, Nina Conti, and of course, Brian Cox.

I do not include Eddie Izzard, even though he would be my personal choice, for the fact I'm counting the pilot as part of the official Qi "canon", since it's freely available online, which makes him a two-timer. But in a nice way.

Go wild, lovechildren!

Welcome to this week's Episode Discussion Thread, let's make it out alive!

Series I, Episode 7 "Incomprehensible"

My random thoughts:

- The long-awaited Brian Cox epsiode! I must admit I had never seen him in anything before but I thoroughly enjoyed his presence on the panel tonight. He managed to carry across terrifically complex concepts with a minimum of headaches for the other panelists. Plus, I think Stephen is in True Love.

- Hooray for Sue Perkins, I continue to have an (inappropriate) crush. She's just that right combination of loony and grounded.

- Stephen mentions his Stephen Fry in America series again, with the startling new admission that he is an honorary Kentucky Colonel as a result of it. Let's hope he received his pure white suit and ribbon tie as well.

- Ross Noble! Ross Noble! Also, we have a new definition of heaven to shake even the most learned theologians. If Methane Ewok-Tossing doesn't belong in someone's system of belief, it should.

- No less than three Nobody Knows questions in this episode. We're getting into theoretical realms quite often lately.

- The gas trick was pretty, but I think Stephen forgot to ask a question attached to it.

- Now, the only question is, can we train prairie dogs to be fashion designers?

Discuss away!
22nd-Oct-2011 08:36 am - Dream Team
Hey everyone, as we anticipate the new episode I thought I'd introduce a discussion thread, which may or may not have been done before in the misty past of this community, but will be fun nonetheless.

What is your dream panel?

The standard of course, would be your favorite three plus Alan, but say you'd wish for an Alanless panel (gasp!), anything is acceptable, it's your taste.

My picks inside.
19th-Oct-2011 08:29 pm - Sort of related, I guess?
BFQotY; my judgement has never been wron
I want to see Alan's stand up show in November but unfortunately, my friend who likes British comedy lives interstate. The rest of my friends are poor uni students (so am I but it's Alan so it's enough for me to stick to saving up for the time being). It's all very tragic.

Is anyone else in the same boat ie. wants to go see his show but doesn't want to look kind of lame sitting by her/himself? Tickets are $50 full price or $45 concession through Ticketek. All that's left of the Melbourne shows is Saturday 19th Nov and Sunday 20th Nov.

Comment or PM? :D Thanks!
I have to say I am gratified that a few of us still watch this community, so I thought I would put up a post-episode chat post and see how it goes!

Series I, Episode 6 "Inventions"

My random thoughts:

- Hooray for seeing Bill for the first time since late last year! Liked his Naruto shirt as well, didn't know he was into anime. We learned he has an exceptional hand reach as well, and has no need of artificial stretching machines.

- This may be the first time I actually appreciated Sean's irascibility. More on that in a bit. Also, we learned he still goes out killing, whether affected by the moon or not.

- So, does anyone else think this would have been a better episode without the bloody dummies? I'm thinking of Gran in particular, because giving Alan and Bill props is rarely a bad idea. (Still remembering Bill's brilliant Kate Moss/fly whisk puppet from Series E) Nina Conti seemed personable and knowledgeable enough to have been a satisfactory guest on her own, perhaps, pity we didn't get to see her prove it. A ventriloquist must have a great personality for their figure to begin with and I don't think Gran was near the calibre of our usual panelists.

- Somehow I doubt Bill's story of a man being sucked through a crevice the size of a CD and surviving. Try to find a way your head could fit through one.

- Alan's hair is long again this series, first time since Series D I believe. I heard it was due to his filming "Jonathan Creek" again?

- Good lord, Candice Bergen was amazingly beautiful when she was younger. Not so much by the time of Murphy Brown, it seems.

- Alan seems to have a story for every single birthday. This is the first time we find how very cheap his family is, though.

- I wonder who was more startled by Stephen's sudden use of the term "pussy hound." Alan's expounding on the subject was funny, though.

All right, I hope I wasn't too long-winded, chat away!
17th-Oct-2011 09:25 pm - Hello, what have we here?
Is there anyone still watching this community? I'd hoped with the new series this would be buzzing with talk, but perhaps there's a livelier community somewhere I haven't found yet.

4th-Sep-2011 10:38 am - QI on B-B-B-BBC Two
New series starts this Friday 9th September on BBC 2 @ 10pm.

Here's the new trailer that been on the tv and kindly uploaded onto Youtube aswell. 

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