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Fans of "Quite Interesting"
Episode Discussion: S09E15 "Icy" (Christmas Special) 
1st-Jan-2012 10:30 pm
Welcome, my snowpeople, to this week's Episode Discussion Thread! We're back after a bit of a clip-show drought and ready to dive into the dessert of this series.

My random thoughts:

- This was a fun one, full of good facts and fun asides. I'm kind of intrigued by that ice cream, though.

- Holy cow, amazing for Ross to pick up that Sean so does perfectly resemble the Riddler! Should the Beeb ever produce a series about DC superheroes, I know who will be first on the casting manager's list.

- Brian is certainly a bombastic, larger-than-life individual, isn't he? He must be a lovely person to know, but if I ever see that great hairy fellow coming toward me bellowing about shagging, I'm going to run.

- Alan captures the Nobody Knows prize again, he's been cleaning up this series, and most appropriately, I think.

Discuss away!
2nd-Jan-2012 09:34 am (UTC)
On the Riddler thing:
2nd-Jan-2012 11:28 am (UTC)
Sean Lock was rather tolerable this episode, so I was pleasantly surprised (I may get over my instant dislike of him if I get more evidence to the contrary). I was a little worried that he would use some of his caustic humour (which I absolutely do not like) on Brian, but he was all right.

Brian Blessed was typical Brian! Loud, clever and funny in a way that you didn't realise you liked! I always get a touch of second hand embarrassment for Brian, because he's so upfront in a way that people are normally afraid to be. But then he's so unashamed about it that you can't help but admire him, too! You can tell him and Stephen are friends because Stephen was enjoying his company greatly!

Ross Noble continues to be one of the best additions to QI ever. I'm so glad they added him to the rotation and they may be using him a lot this season but for good reason-he brings a lot of good natured wacky humour to the show and I really enjoy it!

And Alan continues to show his genre-savvy! He's remarkably good at picking up the traps and tricks now and it's always fun to have an episode where he wins rather than is the butt of the jokes because it keeps things fresh.

All in all, a great episode!
3rd-Jan-2012 12:52 am (UTC)
I wanted to slap the hell out of the audience woman with that irritating laugh. Once you notice it it's impossible not to hear again and again. Argh.
3rd-Jan-2012 10:57 am (UTC)
i agree with the selenityshiroi, I always worry when Sean Lock is on, but he was ok in this episode, mainly coz he didnt say anything much.

I think I can say i found this one of the funniest episodes of the series.

Brian is a strange one, quite a low key famous person, everyone knows him but I struggle to think of things that I have seen him in. Then you hear him tell about all the amazing things that he has done - what a lovely guy =)
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