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Fans of "Quite Interesting"
Episode Discussion: S09E05 "Invertebrates" 
11th-Dec-2011 09:54 pm
Welcome, my chocolate ants, to this week's Episode Discussion Thread!

- We jump back to the undiscussed Episode 5 because apparently on the other side of the pond, Jeremy Clarkson has tossed away another of those delightful bon mots and the Beeb has had to shelve this week's episode for a bit. I've decided to post it when it runs properly (hopefully it will!)

- This was quite a fun one, and a good panel, featuring the debut of Sarah Millican. Poor Sarah I think seemed a little overwhelmed by the experience, but held her own, even tricking Stephen into downing an ant that proved disastrous for him through the remainder of the taping. I understand her consternation, the dry snarkism of Jimmy Carr and the outright lunacy of Johnny Vegas makes a powerful combination.

- Johnny, despite his general wackiness, seems particularly lucid and understandable this episode! Stephen often appeared completely at a loss to understand his words or his meanings in his first tapings, even though it delighted the other panelists (but gave poor Alan a persistent headache.)

- What in the world was Jimmy wearing? It looks like an uninformed person's idea of casual Eighties clothing.

- Johnny startled all and sundry by his scorpion-induced somersault. I guess he did get powers after all. Now I want to hear the really bad musical about insect eating, too! A couple of Johnny's sung lines from this episode keep arising in my brain. "Half the poison, half the fun!" and "Now I'm an insect syncophant!"

- Alan, shame on you! And it WAS her first taping after all, no personal bodily insertion jokes with anyone until at least the second!

- They never answered it, but now I wonder what moths DID do before humans and artificial light!

Put away the scorpion lollies, it's time for discussing!
12th-Dec-2011 08:49 am (UTC)
Im slightly confused, this week we had an episode called "I-spy" with Sandi Toksvig, Lee Mack and Jimmy Carr. Was this an old episode? I hadnt seen it before, but it could have been a repeat. I knew they had to change the episode they were going to screen - good to Jeremy - foot in mouth again!
12th-Dec-2011 12:54 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I believe that was the first episode of the series. Was so disappointed there wasn't a new ep!
12th-Dec-2011 09:11 pm (UTC)
Through the amazingness that is the internet, you can find the "missing" episode on youtube. I have to warn you guys, though, it was a somewhat mediocre episode. I did finish it, but after that I rewatched the "making of" episode since that one has so many good bits.
12th-Dec-2011 11:20 pm (UTC)
I usually find that episodes with Jeremy Clarkson are not the greatest ones. Though I enjoyed the one where David Mitchell ranted at Jeremy Clarkson. What is this "making of" episode?
12th-Dec-2011 11:28 pm (UTC)
QI Genesis, a one-hour making of basically all about how the show came together in the first place, how the elves come up with questions, who was the host they wanted before they got Stephen etc. They also chat to a bunch of regular guests, and Alan of course.
12th-Dec-2011 11:35 pm (UTC)
Thank you for telling me about this! Not being British I usually get my QI fix via Youtube and that would have totally slipped by me.
13th-Dec-2011 06:31 am (UTC)
Turns out the one of the two gigantic QI YouTube users just got taken down completely for posting the "missing" episode. Keeping my fingers crossed for the other...

13th-Dec-2011 11:16 am (UTC)
Shit! Really? :(

That sucks, they seem to be really lenient about keeping the episodes up on youtube. Especially since after C series they've not put any on DVD (AFAIK anyway)..
14th-Dec-2011 07:05 pm (UTC) - Attention everyone!
NickFromFulham has been taken down from Youtube for posting the episode "Idleness". We're complaining directly to BBC [through their website] -- please support.
22nd-Dec-2011 02:39 am (UTC)
Nick is back on Youtube as "nickfromfulhamagain." I'm sure it will take him quite awhile to upload everything again.
Youtube users might consider subscribing or "liking" his channel, or even just posting a nice comment in return for his time and hard work.
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